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for freelance creatives who want to use their skills for good

for freelance creatives who want to use their skills for good

We all want to do work that matters.

If you’re like most of the creatives I talk to, you started working for yourself because you wanted to spend your time doing something that actually matters. You want to do great work for clients that care – on projects that contribute to the betterment of society. 

But the hard truth is: 

Just because you want to do good work for good people, doesn’t mean those people are going to line up at your door ready to pay for your help. So instead of ‘doing your thing’ and ‘making your difference’, you spend your time mingling at mixers, wrangling with websites and battling algorithms in an effort to sell yourself. 

That’s where we can help. 

Too many creative business owners end up:


Because even when people know you exist, they don’t seem to value your services enough to pay you what they are really worth.

Burnt out

Because it takes so much effort to secure and serve every client, you end up exhausted and unable to make a real impact.

Broken hearted

Because the very real demands of running a business, have distracted you from doing the work or making the impact you dreamed of.

Hi, I’m Cat Townsend.

I’m both founder and lead trainer here at the Creative Alliance.

I spent the first ten years of my career, working in London with big agencies, and global brands. My days were spent selling super yachts, and polishing the images of big banks and cable TV companies.

In the evenings I tried not to think about the homeless people I had to step over on the way home from work, or the refugee camps I flew over on weekend getaways to various European cities. Eventually, I decided enough was enough

In 2016 I made the decision to start using my skills for good. Since then, I’ve run a small creative practice called The Good Alliance and worked with countless charities and social businesses. I’ve learnt that doing ‘good work for good causes’ can be fulfilling, but challenging. So I’m here to share what I’ve learnt (and what I’m learning) with you, so you can do it better, easier and more impactfully!

I share training & resources that make running a ‘creative business’ just that little bit easier.

Free online training

Discover the ‘sweet spot’ where you can make a difference and make a good living!

This workbook will help you get creative with the different ways you can make a difference through your work, before getting practical about how to make those ideas a profitable reality.

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A super-quick system to assess the suitability of potential clients

Paid resource

An editable briefing template to ensure you get the info you need

So you can use your skills to make the world a better place

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We don’t speak religion or politics

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What if I could spend my days ‘doing good’? What if ‘doing good’ could actually be good for my creativity and freelance business?

We can do the most good when we do what we’re good at

We often think that ‘doing good’ is something we do on the side. What if you could make a difference while making a living?

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Get invites to exclusive community events, and the latest training, resources and articles delivered direct to your inbox.